May 20, 2019 at 11:38 am

Vertical Angles – Chris

“Vertical Angles are the angles opposite each other when two lines cross,”

– mathisfun.com

The fact that there is a website called Math is Fun is great, or perhaps I’ve been watching too much Mrs. Maisel, enjoying the antics of Tony Shalhoub’s character, Abe. The fun part about vertical lines is that they have the ability to create soaring ceilings and vaulted spaces that cause us to look up and pause, think, reflect or possibly even to relax and exhale.

The heightened spaces created by these lines are sought after designs in practically every building type; from early man’s primitive huts to places of worship. We appreciate the journey of following the path upward and experiencing the light beaming down from above.

I often find myself looking up. Whether it is amongst the skyscrapers in Chicago, a church-like vaulted ceiling and exposed rafters in a conference space (a nod to the terrific Luxury Home Design Summit this spring in Chatham) or the back of house at a local brewery, an amazingly well-lit space with steel and glass clerestories that could play host to a number of functions. These spaces are fun and they bring joy to people’s lives. It’s why we as architects take pleasure in creating intersecting vertical lines to enhance and complete our spaces, from dynamic and active beer halls to the repose and calm of a yoga studio.

With these soaring ceilings comes the experience of how light, both natural and artificial, play within the space. The natural light moving across the room will create a dynamic effect through the daytime hours and at dusk, when the light turns on, a different tone will be cast, both light sources revealing the beams and trusses of the structure along with the textures of the surfaces that complete the design and make the space so inviting.